Winter Operations

Hey Everyone!

We have had a great year this year! All the birds were completely sold out, and we even have people signing up for the 2018 season. The lists are starting to fill up, and you are free to order anytime from now until well into the Spring, when we resume operations.

Sonshine Acre Chicken Meats does not sell fresh chicken in the winter. Why? The birds are raised naturally – thus they spend most of their life outdoors. We like to raise our birds as “down to earth” as possible, and so we raise them outdoors during the Spring to Fall. We also do not have the facility to run a winter operation.

As we wrap up this year, we do want to hear from you! I am always looking at tweaking the food we give them, grass we feed them, and other things to make them taste even better. This is our fourth year of operation, and I would love to hear comments and feedback from you – so look for an email, text, or FB message from me asking how you thought our meat was 🙂

I would  encourage you to continue following us on Facebook, and here on the website as well. 2018 is going to be another great year and we want you to stay in the loop about what is happening!

As they say in Italian,

Buon Appetito!


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