Non-GMO Farm Fresh Eggs

 Product Details

A great new addition (coming Spring of 2019), and a healthy, farm-fresh food to add to your breakfast table, our eggs our produced using the highest quality feed and in the best quality environment!

Our Eggs Are:

Produced on our local Ontario farm.
Fed Ontario grown non-GMO/non-certified organic food.
Collected fresh daily.

With an abundance of free-run space, fresh country air, food and water 24/7, and flock sizes that allow individualized care, what more could you ask for in your fresh eggs?

Prices (Regular):

  • 12 (one Dozen): $4.50
  • 18 (one Set): TBD
  • 30 (one Flat): TBD

Prices (Specialty):

  • 12 (one Dozen): TBD
  • 18 (one Set): TBD
  • 30 (one Flat): TBD

Our eggs are farm fresh, and sold farm-gate (so they are ungraded). If they were graded, they would be roughly equivalent to a Canada Grade “A” egg.

Specialty eggs for decoration, special occasions, etc. will potentially be available this spring as well. These eggs are no different in nutritional value, however they look a lot more pretty then your usual breakfast egg.