Pre-Order Form (Meat)

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Birds are $4.51 a pound. They weigh about 6 pounds apiece.
Optional. This cuts the bird into 9 pieces for easier storage. $3.50 extra per bird.
Optional. This cuts the bird in half for easier storage. $2.00 extra per bird.
Optional. Sold by the farmer's dozen (13). $5.00 a dozen.
Optional. Gizzards include the heart, liver and stomach. These are packaged in a plastic bag inside the bird. $3.00 per bird.

Note- We serve customers in Ontario, Canada.  If you are not in Ontario then do not fill out this form. After you fill out your pre-order, we will contact you with our address, and the date you can come to our farm to pick up your order. Orders are fulfilled on a first-come-first-serve basis.

As of August 30th, 2018, you may order your birds and then pick them up immediately when your order is finished processing. (Rather than waiting twice a year to pick up your birds).

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