From our Customers over the years:  (2015 – 2018)

  • This chicken was absolutely delicious!! The price may seem expensive compared to the grocery store but the quality is incomparable, plus there was a lot of meat. Nice to deal with and excellent chicken.” – A. L.

  • “Dakota’s chickens tasted delicious. We ordered the chickens months before we decided to undertake a vegan diet. By the time we picked up the chickens we had not had meat for several weeks. I had tried chicken at a restaurant once, but I couldn’t even eat it because it tasted so bad. I didn’t really expect to enjoy the chicken we had purchased because of that experience. However, the chicken tasted delicious!!! I was so surprised. I highly recommend them, especially to those who are not vegan, lol!” – D. D.

  • “Before and after pic… I would have given you an after dinner pic, but there were just bones left… This honestly was the best chicken I have cooked in a very long time, if ever… Thank you… Now I have great bones for an excellent broth…” – G. D.

  • “Delicious and meaty birds, grown with care by an enterprising young man. While the chickens are not necessarily cheap, there is so much meat on them that I can feed my family of four at least three meals from one bird.” – L. B.

  • “We cooked our first bird today and found the meat to be juicy and delicious! I had forgotten what a “real chicken” looked like after buying grocery store chickens for so long. So much meat!! Thanks Dakota:) we’ll be back!” – E. H.

  • “Owner takes exceptional care of his animals. Provides clean & comfortable housing for his flock.” – T. M.

  • “Business owner is easy to work with. Encouraging to see a young adult who has an entrepreneurial spirit!” – J. K.

  • “Chickens tasted wonderful! Support this great local business!” – B. T.

  • “Absolutely fantastic business, we ordered chickens with the first order and cannot say enough how much we have enjoyed them 🙂 Highly recommend!!!!” – J. R.