Whole Chickens

Product Details

Our main product, sold Ontario-wide to a loyal and growing clientele from Sarnia to Toronto, epitomizes how your chicken meat should taste!

Our Birds Are:

Sourced as chicks in Ontario.
Raised on our local Ontario farm.
Fed Ontario grown non-GMO/non-certified organic food.
Processed humanely at a local processor.*

With an abundance of pasture space, fresh country air, food and water 24/7, and flock sizes that allow individualized care, what more could you ask for in your meat?

Our birds are about 6 to 8 pounds a piece. The meat is inspected and approved by the Ministry of Food and Rural Affairs Ontario (OMAFRA) upon processing, and a seal is affixed to each bird after inspection.

The birds are available fresh or frozen, pre-packaged, ready to be cooked immediately, or they can be frozen and consumed later. (9-cuts, halves, feet, and in-nards are available as well. You can specify options when you pre-order).

*certified Foodland Ontario Producer